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Created by Bondfan91[]

This costume was so much fun to wear. It was my brothers old costume he wore in the play "Aladdin Jr." He played Iago, the talking parrot. The body of my costume is made out of a red sweatsuit with feathers sowed on to the top and bottom of the sleeves, and a row around my waist. The beak is a rubber costume accessory that fits around my nose. The hat came with the sweatsuit, and we just sowed a row of feathers around the top. I just randomly decided to paint my face and wear the costume around the house one day. It was pretty funny.

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Parrot Costume (3).jpg

Parrot Costume (1).jpg

Created by Evgeniya Balmashnova[]


Created by Costumelover[]

A red fleece hooded sweatshirt is used as this costume's base. Four rows of felt "feathers" of different colors are sewn on sleeves as wings and to the bottom of the back as a tail. A strip of red "feathers" also goes around the neck, with three rows at the front for a fluffy chest. A beak from yellow craft foam and felt eyes are sewn on the front of the hood.

Tim, 6.5 years old