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Supplied by Costumelover[]

Zhenya, 7 y.o.

We got this costume from a thrift store so it's not my idea. The tunic was made from a heavily woven fabric bag with cuts for arms and head, decorated with fringe and multicolored braids. A two-sided "apron" is made from two squares of the same fabric on a black elastic, similarly decorated. One square is in front, and the other on the back.

The headband is made from real white and colored feathers, but you can also cut them from cardboard. A long green ribbon (100-120 cm long and 10 cm wide) is folded lengthwise, and feathers are inserted and sewn between two sides of the ribbon. Now, put it to the child's head and bend it down a little where the ears are. Connect these points with elastic on the back of the head. Make or buy two black chest-long braids and attach them to these points, too.

For this costume, we made a necklace with animal "fangs" on a leather string. The fangs are modelled in self-hardening clay, right with holes made with a toothpick while it is still soft.

The last touch is makeup of multicolored lines.

Created by Smirnova Maria[]

Katya, 3.5 y.o.

Created by Sharon[]


My daughter made the tunic with my help and I made the other accessories - hair ties, bone pipe choker, beaded pouch.

Created by Anna Muromceva[]

Muromcev Yaroslav

Created by Fluora[]


Costume of Pocahontas.