Created by EnotaEdit


The hat and tail are made from fur, a piece of fur is also sewn to the skirt of a matching dress. The total work time is 1.5 hours :)

Created by Anastasia KoshevayaEdit

Inga, 4.5 years old

We've bought a red jacket but someone can knit it by themselves. The tail is made from same color wool like as you make a pompom. The mask is made from paper.

Created by Natalia T.Edit


Alisa, 3 years 9 months old

Created by CostumeloverEdit


Eugenia, 10 years old

Black mittens, a black sweatshirt, an orange shirt above it, and an orange skirt with a tail made from a long piece of orange fur plus a white tip. We had black fur ears for a Mouse costume with a wire inserted so I reshaped them and sewed orange triangles to the front. The nose is made the same way I did for my Big Bad Wolf costume: orange fabric covers the sides of a cardboard mask, and a brown leather square is used for the tip of the nose, with whiskers drawn with a black marker.

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