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''See also [[Wikia:Costume]] for basic information about this site.''
''See also [[Wikia:Costume]] for basic information about this site.''
[[ru:О нас]]
[[ru:Костюмы:О нас]]

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The Costume Wiki is for descriptions and photos of self-made costumes, mostly for kids, for Halloween, New Year parties, school plays, etc.

Here you can add, fix and improve descriptions of custom costumes, made by yourself or by someone else (if you've asked their permission, of course!).

You can do it anonymously or after registering and logging in. The latter is preferable for better change control.

Go here to learn how to register and work with wiki.

Some recommendations:

  • Click on the Edit this page button in the top menu to fix some existing page or add a new version of a costume to it. You will see some useful Editing Tips on the left of your editing window.
  • While adding new pages or improving the old ones, please use some existing costume pages as templates:
  1. Start you costume version with the name (or nickname) of its creator in double "=" sign (Heading 2 level): ==Created by Author==.
  1. If you have a photo of your costume, put it in an Image tag aligned to the right or left alternately for each version of the costume. Or center it if there is not enough text to flow around the image. Specify thumbnail size for large images and add captions (usually child's name and/or age) if desired: [[Image:Name.jpg|right|thumb|200px|My kid, N years old]].
  1. Add description in a few paragraphs of text and additional images for costume parts or patterns.
  • While adding new pages don't forget to specify categories your new costume belongs to ("All" and at least one specific category). You can add new categories if needed. Just add them to the end in double square brackets: [[Category:All]][[Category::Your_category]].
  • The recommended file size for images is 150K. However, you don't need to optimize and resize your photos if they are already within this limit. Wikia has a multilevel system to display images, so a smaller thumbnail image will be visible on your page automatically. You only need to choose the corresponding "thumb" size for it to approximately match the ratios of photos on other pages.
  • All images for one wiki are stored in one pool so when you add a new version of an existing costume, be sure to not overwrite someone else's images. For better control, it is preferable to avoid automatically given filenames with lots of meaningless numbers and letters and rename your photos using the following pattern: "costume name-author-costume part or version".
  • If you also speak Russian it would be great if you could add your costumes to the Russian Costume wiki the same time. Please note these two wikis have separate pools for images, so you need to upload your photos twice. For new pages with versions in both languages, also add a language link to the end: [[ru:Name_of_the_page]].

See Help for more information. Please feel free to ask this wiki's admin Costumelover in case of any questions or write to Help Desk forum.

See also Wikia:Costume for basic information about this site.

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