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Sasha, 5 y.o.

This is the basis for Chicken, Sun, Dandelion or Kolobok.

You have to sew the flared skirt of the light yellow material and the bodice – you can use every simple pattern for kids cloth. The rough stick out underskirt is absolutely necessary! I’ve also added the 2 double flounce for arms. Now you should find the yellow t-shirt or roll-neck according to your weather. Also you can add slinky shorts under the skirt. After that you have to make a mask – the Chicken, the Sun.. or anything that you want in yellow color.

My daughter has put on this costume to appear the duckling dance and to be as Kolobok in her school New Year performance.

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10 m.o.

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Vanya, 5 m.o.


chicken's shell

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Daniel, 1.5 y.o.

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Katya Vasil'eva, 2 years old

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