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Tim (2.5 years old) with mom

This costume was made to match the costume of Little Red Riding Hood.

Grey or black clothes and a long night-gown. The tail is made from an old fur collar and attached to the night-gown (this doesn't match the story as Big Bad Wolf was supposed to hide his identity but it helps to recognize the character).

The cap is quite easy to make: a circle with some ribbon or elastic sewn on. I just made incisions, threaded a ribbon and tied a bow in front.

The mask and ears are made from cardboard covered with grey fleece. White paper is glued to the teeth and a black leather square for the tip of the nose.

Ears are slightly bent (line B-D) and sewn on sides of the cap, where the ribbon goes. They were heavy and didn't stay up so I attached a long thread to the middle of one ear, through the cap top and to the middle of the other ear so they would remain upright (as the cap is big enough, it hides the thread well).


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